Past Meetings

This is a pictorial library of past North Bay Chapter meetings and events. We'll try to provide images of the meetings/events so that those who couldn't make it to a meeting/event might at least get a little bit of the flavor. These pictures are also meant to bring back memories of meetings/events gone by, and to serve for posterity - "Hey, there really were EVs then and there”


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1994 Events:


1999 Events:

Sparrow, Bill Dubé's, Bandimere

2002 Events:

Thunderstruck, SweetMotors, Toyota, ZapWorld, Transmagnetics, Smith's Golf Cars, ALA, Clare Bell, ALA Walk, Fetzer, HuestisMulti-Contact USA

2003 Events:

Senkowsky, Harmony, Energy Future, Hammond, Health & Harmony, ZEVCAT, Dynasty, Nepal/Thailand EV, ZapWorld

2004 Events:

Senkowsky/Woodbury(Tango), Thunderstruck, Geysers, Geysers (Earth Day), Agilent, Rodney Strong Vineyards, Health & Harmony, Napa Premium Outlets, Kaiser, Heinberg, Woodburn, Ebus, North Bay Eco-Fest, Chris Jones, Library Re-launch

2005 Events:

Prius - PHEV, Kyoto, Vectrix, Oil on Ice, Butter and Eggs Parade, Calpine Energy Fair, ALA,Health and Harmony, Napa County Fairgrounds, Spring Lake Asthma Walk, Eddie DaRocha’s AC Propulsion Saturn Conversion, Oakmont Green Day

2006 Events:

Transportation & Energy, Channel 50 News Interview, Rialto Cinemas, Thunderstruck Motors

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